Pedro Correa | Writer/Director

"No one is teaching what Dom's teaching. It's like Plato's Cave; once you've seen the light, it can't be unseen."

Sophie Lane Curtis | Writer/Director

"Dom helps you not only find your voice, but own your voice. Thank you for honestly changing my life."

Doug Tucker | Screenwriter

"My creative partner read my new draft and went 'Holy sh!t...' "

“I recently completed Scriptfella's course and was amazed by how enjoyable and informative it was. I have an MA in screenwriting from London College of Communications and also studied screenwriting at UCLA for two years, yet I still learned something new and interesting about the craft. For me, as a filmmaker, the biggest takeaway was learning how to use lighting and sound design in my writing to make the script more interesting and effective for the reader. Whether you're just starting out on the journey, in the middle of the journey, or a seasoned pro open to learning something new and interesting, I highly recommend LEARN HOW TO WRITE FOR THE HOLLYWOOD READER.”


“I took Aaron Sorkin's Masterclass last year. While it does a decent job of covering broad screenwriting concepts and theory, I took little away in terms of applicable skills to improve my writing. By comparison, the Scriptfella Program dives deep into the nuts and bolts of the craft. I'm loving how it's jam packed with skills, tips, tools, examples and exercises that I can use to actually improve my work. I've seriously learned more on the first hour of this program than I did in the entirety of the Sorkin Masterclass.”


“I can confidently say that this course has taught me more about scriptwriting than 4 years of film school. ”


“This is the first course I've taken that actually gives me a roadmap for HOW TO BECOME A BETTER WRITER! So many times you hear "Don't be boring. Write an undeniable script. Write a vomit draft, you can revise it later." But no one tells you HOW. We can often recognise great writing in other people's scripts, but this course delves into the nuts and bolts of how to apply that to your own writing. I can SEE the improvement week on week, and I feel it's unleashed my inner voice. I can't wait to finish my next draft.”


“The Sorkin and Shonda Rhymes Masterclasses are meant for fans, whereas Scriptfella’s program is meant for actual screenwriters. Each section of his material is crafted to the bone, with ample visual reference and “script on the page” examples. Not only that, but I found Dominic’s delivery to be quite entertaining, I had to pace myself to absorb the material, rather than bingeing it all at once due to it being such a compelling watch. The writing exercises were spot on, and I was able to seamlessly apply what was covered into my ongoing projects. I can confidently say that it’s given me a set of tools to make my writing tighter and more impactful. This guy’s for real. Take the class, it works. ”


“THE SCRIPTFELLA PROGRAM blew my mind, it inspired me, it wildly exceeded my expectations. Over the four weeks of the program, through applying what I was learning on the videos plus Dominic's personalized feedback, my first page was completely transformed. It didn't feel like an iterative improvement over what I started with; it turned into something else. What I learned not only transformed how I write, it also changed how I watch movies. Hard to explain, but it feels like... best way to describe it might be comparing it to the moment when Neo no longer sees the Matrix, but sees the code. Go sign up now. You don't want to miss this.”


“The surgical level of scrutiny that The Scriptfella Program pushes for - and sets expectations at - is the screenwriting education I've been searching for.”


“This course is a thousand times better than the classes produced by BBC Maestro.”


“Concept is not everything. It’s only half of the equation. The other half is the execution of your storytelling. That’s why I highly recommend How to Write for the Hollywood Reader. Dominic gives practical ways to communicate your story in bite-sized lectures, with a community to help reinforce that learning.”


“I’ve completed my M.F.A. program two years ago (with top pro mentors); done about every online course out there; and read way too many of the books (over a hundred). There’s nothing out there like this course. The Scriptfella Program is optimal.”


Sara Dinga | Screenwriter

"It's not only the best screenwriting course, it's the most fun"

Braden Croft | Writer/Director

"You learn to manipulate the reader in the best way possible -- by bringing them into the story."

Savannah M. | Screenwriter

"This is the first course to give me a roadmap for HOW to be a better writer. I see the improvement week on week!"